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Paper Machine Rolls Applications


Permanent Bearing Protection Leads To Increased Reliability.

Bearings are designed to operate for many years, yet, bearing failure is common due to high humidity and heavy washdown environments found in paper mills. To increase reliability and decrease maintenance costs, permanently protect your paper machine rolls from lubrication loss and contamination – preventing premature bearing failure
and downtime.

Effectively seal your paper machine rolls with Inpro/Seal® Bearing Isolator technology. The Inpro/Seal PMR is a compound labyrinth seal developed for use with wet and dry end paper machine rolls. It prevents catastrophic bearing failure and minimizes unscheduled downtime by protecting bearings against contamination ingress and
lubrication loss.

Paper Machine Rolls Bearing Isolator diagram

The Inpro/Seal PMR utilizes an integral heavy duty flinger that rotates with the shaft and provides high performance bearing protection by knocking away moisture and other contaminants while also creating a tortuous path against contamination ingress. For use in heavy washdown environments, a large expulsion port allows for large amounts of moisture or other contaminants to be expelled through the seal into atmosphere. Multiple drive rings protect against lubrication loss and contamination ingress traveling on the shaft. 

This unique design allows for axial growth and up to 0.050" of radial movement and can also be engineered to accommodate angular movement.


Count on us to improve paper machine roll reliability and increase MTBR. We are the trusted source of Bearing Isolator technology with over 30 years of real world experience. To get started, contact 888-980-4431 or locate your local Inpro/Seal representative. To request a quote, download the Paper Machine Roll RFQ and submit it through our contact form.


Facts At A Glance

The Inpro/Seal PMR Bearing Isolator:

  • increases reliability and decreases maintenance costs by providing permanent bearing protection.
  • is designed for heavy washdown and high humidity environments.
  • can be used for both oil and grease applications.
  • is available in split designs for easy installation.
  • is custom-engineered to meet the requirements of your application.