Rotary Valve Shaft Seals

The High Cost of Product Leakage

Rotary valves, also known as rotary feeders or rotary airlocks, are used to regulate the flow of powder or bulk material in various industries. Unfortunately, they are prone to leakage as material builds along the shaft and is forced out of the equipment. This leakage adds costs to a facility’s bottom line in terms of product loss, increased maintenance, and safety concerns. Effectively sealing rotary valves is a top priority for processing facilities.

Rotary Valve Leaking Powder
Leaking Rotary Valve

A Challenging Application

Rotary valves are difficult to seal for several reasons. First, process materials, particularly powders, can be abrasive and escape through small gaps in the seal. Second, rotary valves have unique designs and various manufacturing styles which do not accommodate standard shaft seals. Typically, shafts are sealed with packing which becomes ineffective quickly as frictional wear and shaft movement open up leak paths allowing product to escape. To accommodate this, packing requires continuous maintenance to keep a tight seal on the shaft and eventual replacement when compression is lost.

Shaft Sealing for Rotary Valves

Rotary valves are very difficult to seal effectively. In this video, we discuss the AM Rotary Valve, a shaft seal specifically designed to provide permanent protection against rotary valve leakage.

A Maintenance-Free, Permanent Sealing Solution

Inpro/Seal Air Mizer® shaft seals can be designed to provide a customized solution for difficult-to-seal rotary valves.

The AM Rotary Valve is a non-wearing, maintenance-free Air Mizer shaft seal constructed to last the lifetime of your rotary valve. It has a compact, 1.125 in. (28.58 mm) overall length to fit the tight space between the housing and bearing and can be custom engineered using a variety of flange shapes to slide between the webbing into the seal location. The AM Rotary Valve’s innovative design accommodates radial runout and axial movement and can be split for easy installation without disassembling the equipment.

Learn More About Air Mizer Technology

AM Rotary Valve shaft seals

To learn how it works, watch our Air Mizer video.

Inpro/Seal Air Mizer shaft seal designs for rotary valves:

AM Rotary Valve shaft seal

AM Rotary Valve

The AM Rotary Valve is specifically designed to fit the tight, unique spaces found on rotary valves. 

Facts at a Glance

Inpro/Seal Air Mizer shaft seals installed on rotary valves:

  • Permanently seal against product leakage and contamination
  • Seal bulk solids and dry powders
  • Require zero maintenance or periodic rebuilds
  • Are compact and custom engineered to fit tight spaces
  • Accommodate radial and axial shaft movement simultaneously
  • Can be split for ease of installation
  • Are backed by our best-in-class performance guarantee

Increase Reliability. Decrease Costs.

Inpro/Seal increases reliability and enhances performance on rotating equipment across multiple industries with permanent bearing protection and complete shaft seals. Read more about our innovative technologies or the industries we serve.

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Count on us to eliminate product loss on rotary valves with complete shaft sealing solutions. Our experienced sales and engineering team can design a custom-engineered Air Mizer shaft seal to fit the exact requirements of your equipment and operating environment.

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