Gearbox Bearing Protection

Eliminate Constant Oil Leaks and Continuous Maintenance

The Importance of Bearing Protection

Gearboxes are a significant component in the industrial process and can be found within a variety of industries. Unfortunately, they can be unreliable and difficult to maintain due to constant oil leaks from ineffective sealing solutions. Lubrication loss is a primary reason for premature bearing failure on gearboxes, leading to unexpected downtime and high maintenance costs.

Gearbox with Inpro/Seal Bearing Isolator
Rendering of a leaking lip seal on a motor or pump application

The High Cost of Contact Seals

Contact seals, such as lip seals, are commonly used on gearboxes to seal the bearing housing. Yet, due to their contacting nature, they wear at the point of contact or groove the shaft, rendering them ineffective in a short period of time. This allows lubrication to leak and contamination to enter the bearing housing, resulting is catastrophic equipment failure.

VBMag Bearing Isolator

A Superior Sealing Solution

Inpro/Seal offers multiple gearbox Bearing Isolator designs that are perfect sealing solutions for the variety of gearboxes in your facility. The Inpro/Seal Bearing Isolator is a compound labyrinth seal that keeps lubrication in the bearing housing and contamination out, significantly increasing gearbox reliability.

For flooded bearings, with oil levels above the shaft, the VBMag Bearing Isolator utilizes magnetic force to provide maximum bearing protection in flooded or high oil splash bearing conditions.

For non-flooded bearings, with oil levels below the shaft, the non-contacting VB45-U Bearing Isolator permanently protects against contamination ingress and lubrication loss.

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Bearing Isolator Designs for Gearboxes

VBMag Bearing Isolator Cutaway


The VBMag Bearing Isolator utilizes magnetic force to provide maximum bearing protection in flooded or high oil splash bearing conditions.
VB45-S Bearing Isolator cutaway


The IP66 rated VB45-U Bearing Isolator provides permanent bearing protection in non-flooded bearing conditions.

Facts at a Glance

Inpro/Seal Bearing Isolators on gearboxes:

  • Permanently protect against contamination ingress and lubrication loss
  • Extend gearbox life by increasing bearing reliability
  • Can be split for ease of installation and immediate retrofit
  • Do not groove or damage the shaft
  • Are maintenance free
  • Are custom engineered
  • Are backed by our best-in-class performance guarantee
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Same-Day Shipments

Inpro/Seal is committed to making sure you have the right technology, right when you need it. We know that time is money. That’s why we offer same-day shipments on most Bearing Isolators, even new and custom designs. If you require same-day shipments on an Inpro/Seal Bearing Isolator, contact your local Inpro/Seal Representative.

Increase Reliability. Decrease Costs.

Inpro/Seal increases reliability and enhances performance on rotating equipment across multiple industries with permanent bearing protection and complete shaft seals. Read more about our innovative technologies or the industries we serve.

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