Innovative Technologies for Rotating Equipment

Inpro/Seal is a global leader in the design and manufacture of permanent bearing protection and complete shaft sealing solutions. Our distinct product portfolio increases the reliability of rotating equipment and provides real cost savings by improving mean time between repair (MTBR).

INPRO/Seal -Products Innovative Technologies

Extend Bearing Life

Bearing failure is a leading cause of equipment downtime and lost production, affecting rotating equipment reliability across all industries. Inpro/Seal’s innovative line of Bearing Isolators and Smart Shaft Grounding products are the perfect solution to extend bearing life, increasing equipment reliability.

Bearing Isolators

The inventor of the original Bearing Isolator, Inpro/Seal is the leader in Bearing Isolator technology with unmatched product innovation and field experience.

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Smart Shaft Grounding

Inpro/Seal Smart Shaft Grounding combines proven technology with innovative features to protect the bearings of VFD-driven equipment.

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Eliminate Leakage

Our unique line of Air Mizer shaft seals and Sentinel Floating Brush Seals (FBS) are engineered to effectively seal the shaft, improving equipment efficiency by eliminating leakage.

Air Mizer

Inpro/Seal Air Mizer® shaft seals use a positive purge to permanently eliminate product leakage and contamination on industrial processing equipment.

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Sentinel FBS

The Sentinel® Floating Brush Seal enhances process steam turbine performance by effectively sealing against costly steam leakage.

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