Reliable Shaft Seal Technologies

Industrial process equipment reliability and efficiency are critical to meeting production demands. Unfortunately, equipment leakage is common and can lead to reduced reliability, increased equipment downtime, production loss and safety hazards.

Maintenance-free shaft seals from Inpro/Seal can eliminate leakage for improved equipment reliability and efficiency.

Eliminate Leakage
Inpro/Seal AM Smooth Bore Shaft Seal

Complete Shaft Seals

Unreliable shaft seals on process equipment cause product leakage and contamination. Eliminate product loss with our unique line of permanent, maintenance-free Air Mizer® shaft seals.

With a fully articulating, non-wearing design, Air Mizer shaft seals provide effective sealing to last the lifetime of your equipment.

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Process Steam Turbine Seals

Steam leakage on process steam turbines decreases equipment reliability and efficiency, and traditional carbon seals wear quickly. Extend maintenance intervals and enhance steam turbine performance with the Inpro/Seal Sentinel® Floating Brush Seal (FBS).

A drop-in replacement for carbon rings, the Sentinel Floating Brush Seal provides measurable improvements in sealing effectiveness, steam loss reduction and reliability.