Innovative Technologies To Help Power The Future

Innovative Technologies To Help Power The Future

When you think about a sustainable future, do you see challenges or opportunities?

As the world seeks cleaner and more sustainable energy sources, hydrogen has become a top contender among potential solutions because it is a clean-burning fuel alternative that only generates water vapor – not carbon dioxide-- when combusted and can be produced using renewable energy.

While transitioning to hydrogen as a fuel source has its challenges, Dover Precision Components is facing them head-on through experience, research and testing, and materials development.

Making hydrogen a viable fuel source will require a new generation of equipment that utilizes advanced components. Across the hydrogen value chain, rotating and reciprocating machinery is needed to support the production, transportation, and utilization of hydrogen. This presents a unique set of challenges including operating speeds, pressures, and temperatures. In addition, hydrogen gas requires a high level of purity, particularly for mobility applications.

Dover Precision Components is working with Original Equipment Manufacturers—or OEMs—to develop technologies that enable equipment to operate beyond known application limits and overcome these challenging conditions.

Hydrogen has great potential as a low to zero-carbon source of energy, especially green hydrogen which is produced with excess renewable energy, and has been identified as a key component of global decarbonization strategies. It can be used across a wide range of end-uses, such as power generation, heating, and as a fuel for mobility, including in vehicles for commercial and passenger use.

Dover Precision Components has already partnered with world-leading OEMs to support critical machinery used in multi-billion dollar investments in hydrogen production infrastructure. In addition, we’re working closely with our OEM partners to support the development and validation of new equipment solutions, including machinery used in high-pressure hydrogen storage and fueling. These applications are particularly challenging, and OEMs are pushing their equipment to operate well outside of historical limitations, making new technologies necessary to meet the needs of this emerging space.

Dover Precision Components is comprised of five legacy brands that deliver performance-critical solutions for rotating and reciprocating machinery: Cook Compression, Waukesha Bearings, Inpro/Seal, Bearings Plus and FW Murphy.

Through innovation and creativity, Dover Precision Components is meeting the Hydrogen challenge head-on. It’s not just our years of experience, application knowledge, and engineering success that make us right for the job.

It's our investment in the future.

At the Dover Precision Components Innovation Lab, we are advancing the transition to clean energy with our hydrogen testing facility and materials development capabilities. Our state-of-the-art equipment replicates real-world hydrogen environments and provides in-house testing.

Developing new advanced materials for existing critical machinery is the key to meeting the challenges of transitioning to hydrogen energy. Traditional materials are unable to adequately seal at high pressures or extreme temperatures and speeds, and they lose some of their critical properties when exposed to hydrogen gas.

Dover Precision Components has made extensive investments in building a highly skilled team of material scientists and the facilities required to develop the next generation of materials to support our OEM partners in the hydrogen transition.

Due to these significant investments, we are capable of

• Running a fully operational materials research program,

• Establishing proprietary advanced material formulations,

• Testing newly developed materials on full-scale equipment in our state-of-the-art Innovation Lab,

• And, prototyping and validating materials in a real world hydrogen environment

Innovation, customization, and speed of execution are the qualities that will lead us into the future and are at the core of our commitment to the hydrogen transition.

The Dover Precision Components Innovation Lab plays a key role in enabling this transition for multiple industries and providing the option of clean, sustainable energy solutions to future generations.

When we think about a sustainable future, we don’t see challenges, we see possibilities.

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