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Inpro/Seal AM Solutions

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AM Solutions

Inpro/Seal AM Solutions are non-contacting, permanent shaft seals that protect against product loss, emissions and contamination.

As air, or inert gas, is connected to the seal, small amounts begin to flow along the inside diameter of the articulating throttle to create positive pressure – ensuring complete protection even in challenging applications.

Unlike traditional seals, AM Solutions shaft seals fully articulate to accommodate radial run-out, axial movement and angular misalignment simultaneously.

AM Solutions shaft seals can use air, or inert gas, as the sealing medium to provide an effective seal for powders, liquids and bulk solids, preventing product waste or contamination.

Custom engineered designs can be split for easy installation.

AM Solutions shaft seals are an energy efficient , trouble free, non-wearing permanent seal, custom engineered for reliable performance in your application.