Bearings on industrial rotating equipment are designed to last. If properly lubricated and protected, they can run for many years with no need for replacement. Unfortunately, multiple factors can damage the bearings, causing premature failure.

Bearing failure leads to equipment downtime, high maintenance costs and lost production. Inpro/Seal’s innovative technologies are the perfect solution to extend bearing life, increasing equipment reliability and decreasing costs.

Extend Bearing Life
Inpro/Seal VB45-S Bearing Isolator

Permanent Bearing Protection

Contamination ingress and lubrication loss are the leading causes of bearing failure. Permanently protect equipment bearings from these issues with Inpro/Seal Bearing Isolators.

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Shaft Grounding Solutions

VFD-driven motors create harmful shaft currents that discharge through equipment bearings, leading to bearing failure. Protect your equipment from stray shaft currents with proven Inpro/Seal Smart Shaft Grounding.

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Inpro/Seal Smart CDR