The VB45-U Bearing Isolator is one of the most robust Bearing Isolators ever developed.

The IP66 rated VB45-U Bearing Isolator provides universal permanent bearing protection against both oil and grease lubrication loss. This unique unitized design handles extreme amounts of axial movement with only a 17.78 mm (0.700 in.) overall length, allowing for premium protection in limited space.

Features and Benefits

  • XX Interface – unique stator/rotor interface provides permanent IP66 rated protection against contamination ingress
  • Contamination Chamber – collects contaminants trying to enter the bearing housing and expels them through the expulsion port through centrifugal force and gravity
  • Coalescing Ring – blocks grease from traveling down the shaft into atmosphere
  • D Groove – captures oil on the shaft and returns it to the bearing housing
  • Unitized Stator – accommodates axial shaft movement
  • VB45 Chamber – unique 45° chamber that houses the VBX® Ring and allows for a smaller overall length compared to other designs
  • VBX Ring – blocks the transfer of vapor contamination created by heating/cooling of the bearing enclosure

Technical Data

  • Standard Material – Bearing Bronze
  • Axial Movement – 6.35 mm (0.250 in.) or greater
  • Radial Movement – 0.25 mm (0.010 in.)
  • Temperature Range – -26°C (-15°F) to 204°C (400°F)
  • Speed – 10,000 sfpm
  • Standard Overall Length – 17.78 mm (0.700 in.)
  • Shaft Size – 15.88 mm (0.625 in.) to 1,220 mm (48.000 in.)

Consult an Inpro/Seal representative for operating conditions outside of limits shown.

Typical Applications


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