Application Success


Make: Dresser Rand
Model: DR353
Industry: Oil & Gas


Excessive steam leakage on a DR353 Dresser Rand process steam turbine caused by carbon ring wear lead to rust in the gland box, accelerated wear, and premature bearing failure due to ingress of condensate in the bearing housing.


The operator replaced two upstream carbon rings on each side of the exhaust and steam ends with Inpro/Seal® Sentinel® Floating Brush Seals (FBS). The Sentinel FBS is designed as a drop in replacement for existing carbon rings so rotor removal is not always necessary and only minimum housing modifications may be required for location of the anti-rotation pin.

Bearing protection was further enhanced by installing Inpro/Seal Steam Turbine Bearing Isolators, which protect the bearings from steam leakage entering the bearing housing.


Steam leakage was dramatically reduced, increasing mean time between repair (MTBR), reducing maintenance costs and improving health and safety.

The seals have been running trouble free for more than four years. The customer has since upgraded four more of their DR353 turbines.

Excessive steam leakage on process steam turbine, caused by carbon ring wear
Installation of Bearing Isolator and Sentinel FBS on process steam turbine
Sentinel Floating Brush Seal steam flow model
Inpro/Seal Steam Turbine Bearing Isolator and Sentinel FBS products

Increase Steam Turbine Efficiency

The Inpro/Seal Sentinel Floating Brush Seal reduces steam turbine maintenance and steam loss by providing an extra layer of protection for process steam turbines.

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Sentinel Floating Brush Seal (FBS) for process steam turbines

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