Marketplace: Managing Users Video

Marketplace: Managing Users

Let’s review how to set up users for your company. Users can either be an admin or a buyer. The below graphic shows you what abilities each user type has to help you determine what type of user to create.

To create a user, log into Marketplace and click “My Organization” on the left menu, then choose “Users”. You can see on this screen all the users that are connected to your company. To add another user, click “Add User” and begin entering the essential information. Please use a company email address for login and business email fields. Any field where data is required will feature a red asterisk to indicate it must contain data before a user can be created.

You will notice that buyer is already chosen. If you want this user to be an admin for your company, then check “Account Admin”. Once the user has been added, they will appear in your list of company users. The system will automatically send the new user an email with instructions on how to set up their password.

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