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VB45-SLR Bearing Isolator for Slurry Pumps

Hi, my name is Chris Solfelt with Inpro/Seal and today we're here to talk about the slurry pump bearing isolator, a seal that's designed for the unique challenges of the mining industry. Slurry pumps and mines deal with extremely difficult conditions. It's a really dusty and dirty environment, and because packing is often used that's flush with water there's always moisture trying to enter the bearing housing. If that packing fails or leaks, it's not uncommon to have a severe spray of slurry hitting the bearing housing. If even one drop of that water or slurry material gets underneath the seals and into the bearing housing, you can groove the shaft and significantly damage the life of the bearings.

We designed the VB45-SLR or slurry pump bearing isolator to deal with these unique challenges. The IP66-rated design is focused on contaminant exclusion. It does that through a couple of unique features. One, it has an extra large internal chamber and an extra large expulsion port. This allows the seal to collect and expel anything that's trying to get into the bearing housing quickly. Two, it's a unitary design which means that the seal, the rotor, and the stator cannot come apart, even under very severe conditions. Three, it's a non-contact design that means that it's totally non-wearing and it's not going to damage the shaft and it's going to last the life of your equipment.

If you're interested in learning more about this seal and how it can maximize performance in the mining industry, head on over to inpro-seal.com.

Facts at a Glance

Inpro/Seal VB45-SLR Bearing Isolators:

  • Designed for unique challenges of mining industry
  • IP66-rated design permanently protects against contamination ingress
  • Non-contact design won't damage the shaft
  • Permanently seal against lubrication loss
  • Increase bearing life and reliability
  • Are custom engineered to fit your equipment
  • Are backed by our best-in-class performance guarantee

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