VBMag Bearing Isolator Applications Video

VBMag Bearing Isolator Applications

Hi, my name is Chris Solfelt with Inpro/Seal and i'm here today to talk about the VBMag Bearing Isolator and where it's applied. The VBMag's a little bit different than our traditional bearing isolator because it is a contact seal created by two precision lap faces within the seal. That makes it a great choice for a variety of different lubrication environments including oil mist, heavy splash and flooded.

The first application I want to talk about is oil mist lubricated pumps.Oil mist is a challenging environment because tiny oil particles are going to want to escape through any pathway that you give them and while Inpro/Seal has several designs that work great for oil mist the VBMag is a good choice if you're looking for a magnetic-type seal.

The second application I want to talk about is gearboxes. Gearboxes typically see heavy oil splash or flooded conditions. This creates severe lube retention issues and due to this lube loss is a primary reason for premature failure. That makes the VBMag a great choice for your gearbox because it can eliminate this lubrication problem and significantly expand the life of your equipment.

If you're looking to learn more head on over to www.inpro-seal.com and click on our application guide for more information.

Facts at a Glance

Inpro/Seal VBMag Bearing Isolators:

  • Utilize magnetic force to permanently seal against contamination ingress and lubrication loss
  • Increase bearing life and reliability
  • Are designed for flooded, oil mist, and high oil splash environments
  • Are an excellent choice for gearboxes and oil mist lubricated pumps
  • Are custom engineered to fit your equipment
  • Are backed by our best-in-class performance guarantee

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