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Process Steam Turbine Applications


Increase Reliability and Decrease Maintenance Costs with Innovative
Sealing Solutions.


 Sentinel® Floating Brush Seal (FBS) for Longer MTBR and Greater Steam Savings.

Carbon seals, the traditional sealing method in process steam turbines, are weak and brittle and wear quickly – causing them to become ineffective within a short period of time. Enhance the performance of your process steam turbines by protecting the carbon rings with the Sentinel FBS from Inpro/Seal®.

 The Sentinel FBS is comprised of densely packed and flexible metallic brushes that provide an extra layer of protection to slow down the natural wear of downstream carbon rings. The brush serves as the primary shaft seal while a carbon element provides face sealing in the turbine’s casing. A drop-in replacement for a standard carbon ring, the Sentinel FBS increases the mean time between repair (MTBR) to more than three times that with carbon seals.

See how it works. Watch the Sentinel FBS Video.

Diagram of Sentinel Floating Brush Seal


Steam Turbine Bearing Isolator for Protection Against Steam Ingress and Lubrication Loss.

Process steam turbines can fail prematurely due to steam leakage into the bearing housing. To increase reliability throughout your operation, install genuine Inpro/Seal Steam Turbine Bearing Isolators. The Steam Turbine Bearing Isolator’s unique design will easily accommodate temperatures up to 1000°F (537°C) while utilizing a deflector rotor and VBXX® interface to permanently protect the bearings from steam leakage.

To see how the Inpro/Seal Bearing Isolator works, watch the video.

 Diagram of Steam Turbine Bearing Isolator designs


 Complete Steam Turbine Protection

Diagram of a complete steam turbine showing placement of Sentinel Floating Brush Seals and Steam Turbine Bearing Isolators


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Facts At A Glance

The Sentinel FBS:

  • reduces maintenance, downtime and steam loss.
  • protects downstream carbon rings from contamination and high pressure.
  • has a plug-n-play split design that provides a direct replacement of a carbon ring without necessitating rotor removal or costly casing modifications.
  • is self-centering and lightweight.
  • provides predictable leakage over an extended operating life compared to carbon rings.

The Steam Turbine Bearing Isolator:

  • extends steam turbine life by increasing bearing reliability.
  • permanently protects against steam ingress into the bearing housing.
  • accommodates temperatures up to 1000°F (537°C).
  • is custom-engineered to meet the requirements of your application.