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The Inpro/Seal® Smart Ground Monitor is a condition monitoring system that provides instant feedback on the performance the Smart CDR® or Smart MGS®.

Variable frequency drives (VFDs) can produce harmful shaft currents, a leading cause of premature bearing failure in VFD-driven equipment. Shaft grounding devices, such as the Smart CDR and Smart MGS, divert shaft currents away from bearings to ground and protect the bearings from these harmful currents; however, operating environments, installation and other conditions can make effectiveness difficult to gauge.

The Smart Ground Monitor provides a leading indicator of shaft grounding performance. The sensor utilizes a simple interface to alert users in real time if the conductive filaments do not have optimal contact with the shaft sleeve or rotor. If contact has been interrupted, routine maintenance can return shaft grounding to peak performance before bearing damage occurs, saving both time and money.

How It Works

Smart Ground Monitor How It Works

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Features and Benefits

  • Indication LEDs: a simple green light/red light system provides an easy-to-read indicator of effective or faulty shaft grounding performance
  • External Ports: can connect to an oscilloscope for safe and convenient readings
  • Connection Terminals: integrates into plant control systems 


  • VFD-driven motors and coupled equipment