Increase Bearing Reliability with Smart Technology

Inpro/Seal Shaft Grounding solutions protect motors and coupled equipment from damaging electrical currents to maximize equipment reliability, reduce costly maintenance and minimize unscheduled downtime.

Inpro/Seal Smart Shaft Grounding Motor
Fluting on Bearing Race

The VFD Challenge

Variable frequency drives (VFDs) are popular across multiple industries due to their ability to reduce energy consumption and generate significant cost savings. However, these drive systems also contribute to unplanned downtime. VFDs induce high frequency voltages on the shaft that seek a path to ground. When these voltages exceed the lubricant’s ability to provide insulation, they discharge through the motor’s bearings, or the bearings of coupled equipment, causing fusion craters, pitting, frosting and fluting on the bearings. This leads to premature bearing failure.

A Smart Solution

Inpro/Seal Shaft Grounding effectively diverts harmful shaft currents away from the bearings to ground, increasing bearing and equipment reliability. By combining proven shaft grounding technology with innovative features, Inpro/Seal Shaft Grounding solutions offer the most robust and reliable shaft grounding product portfolio available.

Inpro/Seal Shaft Grounding meets the following specifications:


– CSI 23 05 13