Increase Bearing Reliability with Smart Technology

Inpro/Seal Smart Shaft Grounding protects motors and coupled equipment from damaging electrical currents to maximize equipment reliability, reduce costly maintenance and minimize unscheduled downtime.

Inpro/Seal Smart Shaft Grounding Motor
Fluting on Bearing Race

The VFD Challenge

Variable frequency drives (VFDs) are popular across multiple industries due to their ability to reduce energy consumption and generate significant cost savings. However, these drive systems also contribute to unplanned downtime. VFDs induce high frequency voltages on the shaft that seek a path to ground. When these voltages exceed the lubricant’s ability to provide insulation, they discharge through the motor’s bearings, or the bearings of coupled equipment, causing fusion craters, pitting, frosting and fluting on the bearings. This leads to premature bearing failure.

A Smart Solution

Inpro/Seal Smart Shaft Grounding effectively diverts harmful shaft currents away from the bearings to ground, increasing bearing and equipment reliability. By combining proven shaft grounding technology with innovative features, Inpro/Seal Smart Shaft Grounding offers the most robust and reliable shaft grounding product portfolio available.

Inpro/Seal Smart Shaft Shaft Grounding meets the following specifications:


– CSI 23 05 13

Inpro/Seal Smart Shaft Grounding

To learn how it works, watch the Smart Shaft Grounding video.

Inpro/Seal Smart Shaft Grounding Products

Smart CDR

Smart CDR

A zero maintenance shaft grounding solution that outlasts and outperforms other designs.

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Smart MGS

Smart MGS

Premium shaft grounding combined with Bearing Isolator technology for severe-duty applications.

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Smart Ground Monitor

Smart Ground Monitor

A condition monitoring system that provides instant feedback on shaft grounding performance.

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Same-Day Shipments

Inpro/Seal is committed to making sure you have the right technology, right when you need it. We know that time is money. That’s why we offer same-day shipments on Smart Shaft Grounding products, even new and custom designs. If you require same-day shipments on Inpro/Seal Smart Shaft Grounding products, contact your local Inpro/Seal representative.

Increase Reliability. Decrease Costs.

Inpro/Seal is a world leader in the design and manufacture of permanent bearing protection and complete shaft sealing solutions, extending bearing life and eliminating leakage on rotating equipment across multiple industries. We are dedicated to providing equipment reliability through engineering excellence, superior sealing technology and unmatched customer support. Read more about our application solutions or the industries we serve.

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Count on us to improve VFD-driven equipment reliability by diverting harmful shaft currents to ground, away from the bearings. Our Smart Shaft Grounding solutions combine proven technology with innovative features to ensure superior bearing protection.

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