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Complete shaft sealing system for CEMA screw conveyors

Shaft movement on screw conveyors causes premature seal failure. Common sealing methods rely on dynamic contact with the shaft to create a seal. Radial and angular shaft movement cause the seal to wear rapidly, creating a leak path. This leads to higher production costs, increased maintenance, environmental concerns and even unsafe working conditions.

Inpro/Seal® AM (Air Mizer®) Solutions shaft seals provide a permanent sealing solution for screw conveyors.

Designed specifically for CEMA screw conveyors, the AM CEMA design creates an effective seal by utilizing a positive air, or inert gas, purge between the rotor and stator clearance, preventing leakage.

The permanent, non-wearing AM CEMA shaft seal requires virtually no maintenance or need for expensive rebuild kits. Unlike conventional contact seals, the AM CEMA shaft seal can fully articulate to accommodate radial run-out and angular misalignment simultaneously.

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The Inpro/Seal AM CEMA shaft seal is designed to fit CEMA Screw Conveyor standard dimensions. Use the below chart to determine the part number that works for your CEMA screw conveyor.


Shaft Diameter Flange Width Min DBC Max DBC Slot Width Max Temp Part Number
   1.000 in.   4.250 in.   3.800 in.    5.000 in.   0.438 in.   200°F  9975-ENYL-82276-5
  400°F  9975-ECPG-82276-5
   1.500 in.   5.375 in.   5.000 in.   6.250 in.   0.625 in.   200°F  9975-ENYL-82277-5
  400°F  9975-ECPG-82277-5
   2.000 in.   6.500 in.   5.600 in.   7.750 in.   0.750 in.   200°F  9975-ENYL-82278-5
  400°F  9975-ECPG-82278-5
   2.438 in.   7.375 in.   6.188 in.   8.500 in.   0.750 in.   200°F  9975-ENYL-82279-5
  400°F  9975-ECPG-82279-5
   3.000 in.   7.750 in.   7.000 in.   9.250 in.   0.875 in.   200°F  9975-ENYL-82280-5
  400°F  9975-ECPG-82280-5
   3.438 in.   9.250 in.   7.500 in.   11.325 in.   0.875 in.   200°F  9975-ENYL-82281-5
  400°F  9975-ECPG-82281-5
   4.438 in.   10.875 in.   9.000 in.   13.000 in.   0.875 in.   200°F  9975-ENYL-82282-5
  400°F  9975-ECPG-82282-5

 * All AM CEMA shaft seals have an Overall Length of 1.750 in.


Technical Data

  • Standard Material: Aluminum, Nyloil or CPG
  • Axial Movement: 0.015 in.
  • Radial Movement: 0.118 in.
  • Temperature Range:
         - Nyloil: 32°F to 200°F
         - CPG: 0°F to 400°F
  • Speed: 1,800 rpm
  • Shaft Size: 1.000 in., 1.500 in., 2.000 in., 2.438 in., 3.000 in., 3.438 in., 4.438 in.