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Inpro/Seal Smart Shaft Grounding

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Inpro/Seal Smart Shaft Grounding

Variable Frequency Drives can generate damaging electrical currents that discharge through the motor’s bearings or the bearings of coupled equipment, causing premature equipment failure.

Inpro/Seal Smart Shaft Grounding combines proven technology with innovative new features to protect bearings against these stray shaft currents and increase equipment reliability.

Smart Shaft Grounding products include the Smart CDR, Smart MGS and Smart Ground Monitor.

The Smart CDR uses proprietary conductive filaments and an innovative sleeve design to safely divert shaft currents away from the bearings to ground while reducing brush wear and protecting against non-conductive shaft corrosion.

The Smart CDR is designed to accommodate a variety of mounting configurations for easy installation.

For equipment operating in severe-duty environments, the Smart MGS combines Smart Shaft Grounding technology with the complete protection of a Bearing Isolator to safeguard bearings against stray shaft currents as well as contamination ingress and lubrication loss.

To ensure maximum protection against stray shaft currents, the Smart Ground Monitor works with the Smart CDR or Smart MGS to provide instant feedback on shaft grounding performance.

A simple interface alerts users in real time of interrupted contact between conductive filaments and the shaft, providing the opportunity to return shaft grounding to peak performance before bearing damage occurs.

Inpro/Seal Smart Shaft Grounding diverts harmful currents safely to ground – protecting against bearing damage and extending the life of your motor.