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Inpro/Seal Sentinel® Floating Brush Seal

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Steam leakage in process steam turbines lowers efficiency and increases costs.

Conventional carbon seals are weak, brittle and wear quickly – causing them to become ineffective within a short period of time.
With increasing steam leakage, periodic seal replacements are required, resulting in unscheduled downtime; higher maintenance costs and increased operating expenses.
The Inpro-Seal Sentinel Floating Brush Seal effectively seals process steam turbines with replacement intervals three times longer than those of carbon rings while providing a stable leakage reduction.
Densely packed metallic bristles form a brush that serves as the primary seal, while a carbon element provides face sealing in the steam turbine’s casing.
Designed as a drop-in replacement for carbon rings, the Sentinel Floating Brush Seal utilizes a split design that does not require rotor removal or costly casing modifications.
Typically, two Sentinel Floating Brush Seals are installed in each gland box to provide superior sealing, while protecting downstream carbon rings from contamination and high pressure –  improving overall performance.
Enhance steam turbine efficiency, increase uptime and decrease total costs with the Sentinel Floating Brush Seal from Inpro-Seal.